PROFILE: Shaunagh Brown

9 February 2018 – In sporting circles everyone is talking about Shaunagh Brown. She’s boxed professionally, narrowly missed out on the Olympics, is an international medal-winning athlete and as an experienced handler of that the oval-shaped rugby ball is getting noticed, but you’d be forgiven for walking past the 5ft 7in 93kg Brown in the street totally unaware of who she was.

“I’ve always felt more comfortable in tracksuit and trainers. There’s no point in dressing up fancy because I’ll only have to change again and go to training,” she told the Guardian recently. The Kent firefighter is only 25 but her route to sporting greatness via athletics and professional boxing now sees her in the running for a flurry of England International rugby caps during the 2018 Women’s Six Nations.

“I’m quite a normal person. I didn’t go to a private school, it was just my mum bringing me up in a normal house.”


Leroy Richards is a writer, broadcaster and journalist based in London. He begun his career in 1996 as a junior reporter writing for the Eastern Caribbean newspaper The Voice on St.Lucia before relocating to London. He has subsequently worked covering sports (football, basketball and cricket), crime and social affairs.