Racism is the start, supremecism is the logical conclusion…

When Nazis slaughtered 6 million Jews, Gypsies, people of mixed race, the disabled and others, we missed a trick writes Teti Kofi

We spoke mostly of antisemitism. We spoke less of supremecism because in part it was still in full play in European colonialism , American segregation Japanese imperialism. So the civil rights movement had to be led by Martin Luther King, and later Apartheid had to be overcome in other battles.
Racism is the starting condition , and supremacism is the logical conclusion, and it terrifies the living daylights out of us all because it is morally unconscionable, yet most of our cultures have it as an unspoken and key component of our value systems. White supremacism is most obvious because white economies, technology and military might tends globally to be the strongest (right now). It is being challenged, most whites live in denial of it and is the single root cause of most social and other conflicts in the world. Trump and the populist movements round the world will make this more obvious as we go.
This is the challenge facing CIVILISED people in the world of men and women. Guilt, shame, denial won’t work any more because the lion of supremacism is roaring and will not be silenced. Time to do the work and adjust our attitudes at the grass roots. White, Asian, religious, Black, any kind of supremacist is a cancer in our human community. The privileges they ascribe to themselves in the name of nationality, citizenship or other rationales are a hollow but hateful reasoning that destroy others, creates conflict then blames the oppressed for the destruction meted out to them. Thank you Trump… You called the hypocrisy and raised it with hatred in the big card game. If we didn’t know before, we know now!!


Leroy Richards is a writer, broadcaster and journalist based in London. He begun his career in 1996 as a junior reporter writing for the Eastern Caribbean newspaper The Voice on St.Lucia before relocating to London. He has subsequently worked covering sports (football, basketball and cricket), crime and social affairs.